About us

Small Beginnings

About us

With a love of coffee and the joy it brings to create an environment that encourages community and sharing, Dundee Double Shot was created in 2014.

How it started

Dundee Double Shot has been a staple in the Historic Dundee community for over ten years. Connie Lang took ownership in July of 2014.

Connie comes from years of experience in the management and hospitality field.

Her commitment to community and her support of Omaha Metro local businesses is very important to her.

Dundee Double Shot is also a member of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and strives to provide customer satisfaction in a friendly environment. It offers a convenient ways to meet your coffee needs.

Feel free to walk in and relax with a cup of Joe indoors or on the garden patio.

If you’re in a hurry take a trip through the drive thru! There is also a selection of fresh pastries and snacks. Stop in soon to say hello!